About Fasha (Farshad) Mahjoor

Architect, Businessman, Industrialist, Philanthropist

Fasha Mahjoor is the founder and CEO of Phenomenex. Established in 1982, Phenomenex is a global leader in the research, development, manufacturing and distribution of leading edge chromatography solutions. With over 700 employees and offices in 15 countries and a network of 60 international partners, Fasha oversees a global organization with a unique culture dedicated to the advancement of the sciences and defined by its enormous passion and investment in supporting worthy philanthropic causes.

Born in Persia and educated in England, Fasha completed high school in Worcester and obtained his undergraduate degree in Architecture from Manchester Metropolitan University, and then went on to complete his Masters degree in Architecture graduating with distinction from the University of Southern California in 1980. After graduation, Fasha and two other alumnae joined forces to start a boutique architectural firm in Beverly Hills, CA, and successfully completed several projects during difficult economic times.

But, Fasha would soon sidestep the world of architecture and move into the world of high technology, science and chemistry. Through a unique and ultimately fortuitous twist of fate, Fasha was presented with an entrepreneurial opportunity in the unfamiliar world of chromatography (separation sciences). At that time, the chromatography industry was a very crowded space with as many as 500 companies, including large multinationals such as Merck, Dupont, Hewlett-Packard, and even IBM.

Attempting to compete in this high-tech market space as a one-man company without any scientific background or funds against so many powerful players was risky if not just plain foolish. Nevertheless, with determination, laser focus, and an exceptional work ethic, Fasha taught himself the business. Over the next 30 years, he parlayed success after success. Astonishingly from the beginning and still true today, Phenomenex has never sought financing from outside sources—it has always been self-funded. The acumen and ability to open new markets, attract and keep customers came naturally to Fasha. Unique marketing approaches and best-in-industry customer service were early differentiators.

Focused investment in research and development programs soon led to the introduction of innovative products that have become the hallmark of the company. These products offer scientists the essential tools they need to improve lab productivity and advance scientific discovery. Over the years, competitors fell by the wayside as Phenomenex established itself as the market leader.

While orchestrating Phenomenex’s meteoric rise to the top of the chromatography industry, Fasha simultaneously built a company culture rooted in his own beliefs and passions—a culture that values ability and contribution over seniority, and encourages open communication, along with an open-door policy. Employees are surrounded by an exceptional and pleasing architectural working environment. They are rewarded with unconventional benefits, from onsite massages, relaxation rooms, gymnasiums to stay fit and healthy, to paid-time off for philanthropy and access to other non-traditional, unique, and uncommon benefits.

Fasha has developed a fun, sporty and entrepreneurial spirit at Phenomenex that has contributed to an average employee tenure that is now more than double that of the industry and an average management tenure that is approaching 20 years. This most unique company culture is consistent across all Phenomenex research and manufacturing plants and subsidiaries globally and has been recognized with several prestigious awards, including the Wall Street Journal "Best Workplace" and the International "Spirit at Work" Award.

A diverse range of advanced products are manufactured at three research and manufacturing sites within the United States (Torrance headquarters, Sutter Creek in Northern California, and in Golden, Colorado). After 9 Research and Development (R&D 100) Awards, sometimes referred to as the “Oscars of Science,” Fasha’s company has emerged as the global leader within the chromatography industry providing solutions for scientists in industries critical to the health and well being of people, animals and the environment at large. Fasha finds it especially gratifying that his company plays such a vital role in the betterment of the human condition. Phenomenex’s products help scientists find cures for diseases, help food companies ensure that their products are safe, help environmental labs keep our planet clean, and help clinical labs diagnose diseases before it's too late.

For his leadership in the progress of science, in late October 2013, Fasha was voted amongst the top 100 in the world, influencing advancements in the field of analytical sciences, in "The Power List 2013," surveyed and published in October by "The Analytical Scientist," the leading industry publication.

The importance of this connection to community and humanity is perhaps most clearly articulated by Fasha in the company’s mission statement: “…it is our responsibility and foremost mission to promote the growth, prosperity and well-being of those we serve: our customers, our employees, and humanity.” Nourishing and supporting humanitarian values in the workplace is considered a founding company principle without which the organization cannot survive or thrive. Fasha says this principle “has brought to life an essential humanitarian vision within the organization. By building an institution that is both progressive and enlightened, and by setting new standards in serving our employees and customers, we can transform our world in many good and worthwhile ways.” It is for these reasons that the management and employees of Phenomenex find themselves so passionately involved in a wide array of philanthropic activities. Almost every week, one of the global Phenomenex companies is involved with some type of humanitarian cause, from disaster relief to rebuilding homes to educating local underprivileged students. Through these hands-on efforts, Fasha and the employees of Phenomenex have donated countless sums of funds, resources, time, and energy to improve the world around them.

In September 2012, Fasha descended down 87 floors of The Shard, Europe’s tallest building, alongside Prince Andrew and a small group of philanthropists, raising over £2,000,000/$3,167,800 for the educational charity.

For two days in November 2012, thru collaboration with the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) non-profit organization, Fasha and the Phenomenex USA team hand-made 163,296 meals for starving children in developing countries. Over the past two years, in partnership with both Feed My Starving Children and Stop Hunger Now, Phenomenex has packed over 360,000 meals that have been sent to children in North Korea, Haiti, the Philippines, and Africa.

In May 2013, Fasha was given an Ellis Island Medal of Honor, “which ranks among [the United States’] most prestigious awards” (Ref: NECO). The National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations (NECO) honors leaders who; dedicate their lives to helping others, preserve and celebrate the values of their ancestry group, strive for tolerance and acceptance, and who share their personal and professional gifts for the benefit of humanity. Previous winners include 6 United States presidents and Nobel Prize winners.

In August 2013, Fasha was elected to the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross Los Angeles Region, the second largest in the United States, serving over 10 million people. He was recently invited to attend the annual Heroes Luncheon, an event that honors local heroes who exemplify the lifesaving mission of the American Red Cross every day.

Currently, Fasha and his team at Phenomenex India are developing, assisting, and participating in the running of the Cheers Foundation Orphanage in Hyderabad, India, including hosting regular events and hands-on projects with the children, holding food drives, and providing the funds necessary to send every child to a local reputable school with clothes, shoes, and books.

A Summary of Select Phenomenex Philanthropic Activities

Activity Description Phenomenex
Save the Children With financial support from Phenomenex, Save the Children constructed a classroom, canteen, and vegetable garden at a school for refugee children from Syria and Iraq. It is one of the few schools operational in the region, providing much-needed education and hope to these children. Save the Children is an international, non-governmental organization dedicated to children in Iraq. Fasha Mahjoor
Diwali Celebration with Cheers Foundation Orphanage Team India celebrated the beloved festival of color and light with the children at the Cheers Foundation in Hyderabad India, an orphanage that Phenomenex is committed to serving with hands-on, financial, and educational support. The team spent the evening setting off celebratory fireworks with the children. Phenomenex pays the tuition for each of the children to attend an excellent local private school and the children are all thriving. India
Feed My Starving Children
During the course of 2 days, 750 Phenomenex volunteers came together to make 163,296 meals to feed starving children in the developing world. Through a continued partnership with Minnesota-based Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) over the past two years, Phenomenex has made over 300,000 life-saving meals that have been sent to children in countries including North Korea, Haiti, and the Philippines. Organization and all costs of the event were fully sponsored by Phenomenex. USA
Veterans Stand Down
Event Comfort Kit Packing
In October, over 70 employees gathered in Torrance to pack 500 comfort kits that were handed out to Veterans at local Stand Down events in partnership with the American Red Cross. Stand Down events provide veterans a safe place to “rest” for a few days, offering services like food, shelter, clothing, health screenings, counseling, and referrals to services such as health care, housing, and employment. The comfort kits contained shampoo, body soap, a washcloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, shave cream, razor and a comb, all packaged in a reusable toiletry bag. All leftover toiletries were donated to the VA Hospital in Torrance. Phenomenex sponsored 100% of the event costs and materials. USA
American Red Cross
Blood Drives
Phenomenex is a longstanding partner of the American Red Cross, holding regular blood drives twice a year (and more often in times of low blood supply). Phenomenex was awarded the American Red Cross Platinum Award, for excellence in supporting the community blood supply. USA
Stop Hunger Now After two years of careful planning and direction by the Phenomenex SRL Italy management, 600 volunteers from Phenomenex and the surrounding community of Bologna, Italy, including children from local schools, customers, and local authority, rallied together over the weekend to make over 56,000 meals for starving children in third world countries with the help of Stop Hunger Now. In this high-energy event – and the largest event in Italy’s history – Phenomenex Italy has both paved the way for future events, and inspired others in an attempt to reduce world hunger, however small. The event was fully sponsored and paid for by Phenomenex. Italy
Royal Grammar School, Worcester, UK Being the boarding school that Fasha Mahjoor attended for 6 years, it has a special place in his heart. Fasha has supported the school in many ways throughout the years, including being the sole person behind creating and funding a new development office. Further support of various kinds will be continuous. UK
Abseiling/ Rapelling for
The Outward Bound Trust
On September 3rd, 2012, Fasha leapt off the 87th floor of The Shard in London, Europe’s tallest building, to raise funds for The Outward Bound Trust. Alongside a handful of other adventurous philanthropists and led by the Chairman of The Outward Bound Trust, His Royal Highness The Duke of York, Prince Andrew, the group abseiled/rappeled down 1,056 feet (the highest ever attempted by any civilian) all in support of the educational charity.

The Outward Bound Trust has enabled over one million underprivileged youth to participate in challenging outdoor programs, providing life lessons in responsibility, teamwork, and leadership. Through the education and courses provided by The Outward Bound Trust (and its many global affiliates), young people clearly see, perhaps for the first time, what they are truly capable of achieving.
All Phenomenex Companies
to Snowdonia for The Outward Bound Trust
In late September 2013, Phenomenex CEO Fasha Mahjoor accompanied Sir Chris Bonington, world-renown mountaineer and adventurer, on a climbing, hiking and abseiling expedition up the peaks of Snowdonia National Park, home to the highest mountain in Wales.

The small group raised funds for The Outward Bound Trust, an organization for which Fasha is deeply passionate about. The Outward Bound Trust has enabled over one million underprivileged youth to participate in challenging outdoor programs, providing life lessons in responsibility, teamwork, and leadership. Through the outdoor education and courses provided by The Outward Bound Trust (and its many global affiliates), young people clearly see, perhaps for the first time, what they are truly capable of achieving.
Fasha Mahjoor
Children’s Comfort Care Kits for Disaster Relief, American Red Cross Teams from Phenova and Phenomenex teamed up with customers in New Jersey to pack 500 comfort care kits for children impacted by disasters such as Superstorm Sandy. The kits included a variety of necessary toiletries as well as crayons and a coloring book, toys, and a fluffy teddy bear to hug for added comfort. Phenova, Colorado, USA
Phenomenex USA
Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief Relief efforts were global. All our offices teamed up to make the greatest impact we could for disaster relief.

Phenomenex France - held a bake sale and Christmas ornament sale for employees, family, friends, and local businesses yesterday. They were able to raise an exceptional amount of money to give to Action Contra la Faim, which will help to feed the victims of the Typhoon. The money they raised was matched by the company.

Phenomenex USA - banded together to serve a traditional Filipino lunch to over 200 colleagues, including an array of homemade Filipino baked goods and sweets. In addition to the luncheon and bake sale, the team collected 16 boxes of clothing, toiletries, blankets, shoes, and canned goods that were mailed directly to the Philippines Red Cross through a local partner. Phenomenex tripled the amount raised to donate to the American Red Cross.

Phenomenex Germany - hosted a breakfast fundraiser with fellow employees to raise significant funds for Typhoon relief. The money raised was doubled by Phenomenex.

Phenomenex UK - packed and shipped 4 huge boxes filled with food, medical supplies, baby food, clothing, and more items desperately needed by the victims directly to the Philippines where they are needed most.
All Phenomenex Companies
Colorado Flood Disaster Relief Fundraiser for the American Red Cross In September, flooding in Colorado left thousands of people homeless, and it hit right in the backyard of our sister company, Phenova, located in Golden, Colorado. The team gathered together quickly to come up with a way to raise money to help their community recover. One employee had the idea to bake the popular dessert, baklava, to sell as a fundraiser. He baked and sold 486 pieces (over 117 pounds!) of fresh baklava. Phenomenex paid for the cost of materials and doubled the donation to support the American Red Cross disaster relief efforts in Colorado. Phenova, Colorado, USA
Phenomenex USA
Superstorm Sandy To show their support for those affected by the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, Phenomenex donated a percentage of its November and December sales directly to the American Red Cross disaster relief efforts. Subsequently, on February 21, 2013, Phenomenex was presented with an award from the American Red Cross for their commitment. The award bore the following inscription, “With deep appreciation to Phenomenex. Thank you for your generous gift to support disaster relief and recovery efforts in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. Your contribution helped to provide shelter, food, emotional support and relief supplies to families and communities in need – sending a message of comfort and hope. We are deeply grateful for your compassion and your generosity.” Phenomenex supports the Red Cross globally thru blood donations, emergency relief, and hands-on volunteering. USA
Oklahoma Tornadoes Hundreds of employees gathered in the cafeteria to purchase employee-made baked goods to raise money for donation to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund to help support the victims of the Oklahoma Tornadoes. Donations raised were matched 100% by the company. A week earlier, a blood drive was held on-site to help replenish the reserves of blood in the country. USA
Earthquake in Chile Phenomenex has donated time and funds to help the victims of the Earthquake in Chile. USA, UK, Germany, France, Australia
Earthquake in China Phenomenex efforts raised funds and supplies to assist with the China Earthquake Relief. USA, UK, Germany, Australia
Earthquake in Haiti Phenomenex supported its employees around the world to organize diverse fundraising events, including movie night, flower sales, and other events to raise funds to support the victims of the Haiti earthquake. All Phenomenex Companies
Earthquake in Italy Phenomenex and its employees raised and donated funds and items for victims of the earthquake in Italy. The company matched all funds raised. Italy
Indonesia and Tsunami Earthquake Relief Phenomenex and its employees raised and donated funds and items for victims of the Indonesia and Tsunami Earthquake. The company matched all funds raised. All Phenomenex Companies
Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Phenomenex executives, employees and families organized diverse special events, donating time and funds for the Japanese Earthquake Relief. All Phenomenex Companies
Lunch for Kiva Our Austrailian team held a luncheon to fundraise for Kiva, a non-profit with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. These small business loans are given throughout the world to improve the lives of their recipients, their families, and their communities. Australia/New Zealand
LA Food Bank Every year, Phenomenex groups collect boxes of food for the homeless in Los Angeles. USA
Lampedusa Comune TeamItaly hosted a live auction to raise money for Lampedusa Comune. Lampedusa is a small island off of Italy where thousands of foreigners, the majority from Africa, arrive with a dream of a better life. Italy
MOvember This November, Phenomenex Worldwide became a whole lot furrier. On our faces, that is! Men grew moustaches of all shapes and sizes while women decorated their faces with fake moustaches, all in an effort to promote awareness for men’s health and to fundraise for men’s cancer research. Multitudes of events were held in our global offices, including root beer float sales, bake sales, lunches, and carnival games to raise money and to educate employees, family, and friends about the importance of health screens and preventative care for men. Phenomenex doubled the donation towards Movember’s cancer research programs. All Phenomenex Offices
UNICEF Charity Lunch The Italian team gathered together to raise money to donate to UNICEF who works to provide health care, immunizations, clean water and sanitation, nutrition, education, emergency relief and more. Phenomenex tripled the donation to UNICEF. Italy
Cheer for Children A non-profit, all-volunteer organization in California, providing assistance to accutely ill and physically challenged children. They also help mothers and their children who are trying to make it on their own. Phenomenex organizes an annual toy drive to make the holidays special for these children USA
Macmillan Coffee Morning to Support for Macmillan Cancer Support The entire UK team gathered for a breakfast bake-off to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support , whose mission is to change the lives of those affected by cancer. Macmillan provides medical, emotional, practical and financial support and pushes for a better cancer care system. The team raised a considerable amount of money and Phenomenex more than doubled the donation to Macmillan. UK
Belize Philanthropy Trip
(4 the World)
A group of employees and managers (including Fasha) from Phenomenex companies around the world constructed a cafeteria for the students as well as a community meeting hall in Selena, Belize. The company procured and shipped enormous amounts of building supplies and donated travel, accommodations, and compensation time for the selected crew. Other employee volunteers not traveling to Belize organized a supply drive for clothing, books, and school supplies. USA, UK, Germany, Australia
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation (EGPAF) Phenomenex is a sponsor of Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. This charity is dedicated to preventing pediatric HIV infection and eliminating pediatric AIDS through research, advocacy, and prevention, care, and treatment programs around the world. USA
Red Nose Day Every year, Phenomenex and its employees join the rest of the world in wearing red noses and organizing events to help raise money to transform the lives of the less privileged in Africa and UK. UK, USA, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand.
Samaritan's Feet:
Shoes of Hope Drive
Phenomenex is a supporter of Samaritan's Feet, a non-profit organization that provides shoes to impoverished communities around the world. USA
Centre for Women
Phenomenex matched donations raised for the Sannihita Centre for Women, an institution providing assistance to orphaned girls in India. USA, India
STEM Program Donations
of Stereochemistry Sets to Kids
In an ongoing effort to support and inspire the next generation of scientists, Phenomenex USA donated stereochemistry sets for an entire classroom of students at the STEM Academy (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) at Bernstein High in Los Angeles and to the Science Program at Huntington Beach High School to help teachers bring their chemistry lessons to life. USA
Toy Donation to the Children’s Hospital
of Los Angeles
An inspiring little girl, Miah, who had spent much of her life in and out of the children’s hospital, noticed that many of the children didn’t have toys and were often lonely. She wanted to celebrate her 10th birthday by holding a toy drive to collect toys for all these children so she could bring them the joy they deserved. Being so moved by her beautiful and inspiring story, Phenomenex went on a shopping spree mid-October and was able to donate over 100 dolls, cars and trucks, action figures, games, books, baby toys, and more to Miah so she could deliver them to the children in the hospital. USA
Action Contre la
Phenomenex team ran a total of 94 kilometers in support of "action contre la faim" or "action against starvation," a France based non-profit organization raising funds to stop hunger around the world. France
Adopt-a-Trail Team Phenova adopted a trail in Golden, Colorado to clean up and maintain 3-4 times a year. Phenova, Colorado, USA
Amador Country
Music School
In conjuction with the Annual Sutter Creek Duck Race, employees of InventX, a Phenomenex Company, organized food, games and booths to raise funds for the local Amador Country School music programs. All funds raised were matched by Phenomenex. Sutter Creek, CA, USA
American Heart
Phenomenex has been a long-time supporter of the American Heart Association. AHA is the oldest voluntary health organization advocating good health, positive behaviors, nutritious eating habits, and healthy lifestyles. It also funds cutting-edge research and professional education programs USA
Arvada Community
Food Bank
Throughout the year, Phenova has hosted numerous charity lunches. Employees prepare a meal, and others donate money to enjoy that lunch. The money raised is donated to the Arvada Food Bank, specifically for the Backpack Program, which provides food to children at 13 area elementary schools each weekend during the school year. These schools are "Title 1" schools that have a high percentage of children on the "Free and Reduced Lunch program." Each Friday, each eligible child takes home a sack filled with 2 breakfast items, 2 lunch items, 2 snacks, 1 fresh or canned fruit, and 1 canned vegetable. Phenova, Colorado, USA
ASPCA The USA teamed up with customers on a viral email campaign to raise money for donation to the ASPCA to rescue animals in shelters. USA
Auckland Rescue
Helicopter Trust
The ARHT Westpac Rescue Helicopters serve every community in the greater Auckland region, in New Zealand. Helicopters are used for diverse rescue missions, such as medical, casualty, and natural disaster evacuations. New Zealand, Australia
Baha'i Academy, India Phenomenex supports this Baha'i school in Panchgani, India. India
Cheddle Lodge Phenomenex is a supporter of Cheddle Lodge, a non-profit organization providing housing and promoting independence to people with cerebral palsy throughout the UK UK
Children's Enrichment
Program/Full-Circle Learning
Among many charities promoting education, Phenomenex also supports Children's Enrichment program. This organization provides underprivileged young students with a curriculum that helps them develop a deeper sense of purpose in their lives and in their learning. USA
Covenant House After the disastrous hurricane in New Orleans in 2008, Phenomenex dug deep to support the Covenant House New Orleans, a shelter for runaway and troubled youth that had been badly damaged. A team of employees was sent to New Orleans to rebuild, clean, and restore the Covenant House to normal living and working conditions. All Phenomenex Companies
EBBF (European Baha'I Business Forum) Phenomenex supports the European Bahá'í Business Forum (EBBF), a nongovernmental organization, comprised of a community of people passionate about bringing ethical values, personal virtues and moral leadership into the workplace. USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands
Family Tree Hope for the Holidays Phenova, a Phenomenex Company, supported this Colorado-based organization that provides services and shelter to families in the community who have been impacted by child abuse, domestic violence, and homelessness. Arvada, Colorado, USA
Farhang Association Fasha Mahjoor is a member of the Board of Trustees for the Farhang Foundation. The Farhang Foundation is committed to creating awareness of Iranian arts and culture by funding university programs, publications, academic conferences, art shows, films, and organizing exhibitions with local cultural and academic institutions. Fasha, Phenomenex USA
Foster Family Services For the past few years, InventX, a Phenomenex Company, has sponsored a charity during holiday times through a Christmas party fundraiser. Foster Family, serves the Sacramento Region to provide foster and adoptive placement for abused and neglected children. During the Christmas holiday party, employees interact directly with the children they are benefiting. The Party includes an appearance by Santa Claus, games, face painting, and lots of food. Phenomenex donates funds, toys and supplies for the party Sutter Creek, CA, USA
Harbor UCLA Medical Center Phenomenex received a Certificate of Appreciation for its support of Harbor UCLA Medical Center. USA
Helen's Trust Employees, families and friends participated and donated to Chatsworth 10K/Fun Run in the UK. The race supports Helen’s Trust, an organization that helps incurably ill people stay in their own homes. All donations were matched by the company. UK
Horse Protection League In August, the Phenova team helped to set up for the annual Garage and Tack Sale for the Horse Protection League, an organization that rescues horses that are abandoned or will be sent off to slaughter. All proceeds went directly to feeding and caring for rescued horses. Many employees volunteer at HPL every week, caring for and feeding the horses. Phenova,Colorado,USA
Il Giardino Degli Angeli Il Giardino Degli Angeli (The Garden of the Angels), is a non-profit created by a family who lost their young daughter and decided to support families with serious diseases. In support of this charity, Phenomenex Italy organized a lunch to raise funds. All donations were matched by Phenomenex Italy
Jeffco Action Center A group from Phenova helped out in the Jeffco Action Center food pantry all day, sorting donated food for the Thanksgiving Holiday and beyond. Jeffco Action Center is a local non-profit that works to identify and respond to the basic human needs of Jefferson County residents. Through intervention, prevention, and connection, they provide hope and dignity while breaking the cycle of poverty. Phenova,Colorado,USA
La Rupe Association Phenomenex Italy organized a day of events to raise funds and supplies for the La Rupe Association, a non-profit organization supporting single and homeless mothers. Italy
LA Unified School District Phenomenex and its employees sponsored trips for underprivileged children to Washington DC. USA
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Through donations, Phenomenex helps LLS, the world's largest voluntary health agency, to continue helping blood cancer patients live better, longer lives. USA
Low Income and Elderly United Keeping with our mission of improving the health and well-being of humanity, Phenomenex supports the Low Income and Elderly United community assistance project. USA
Moreh Trust Home Phenomenex supports Moreh Trust, an organization dedicated to providing shelter and assistance to the elderly. Australia/New Zealand
Nahaal Scholarship Phenomenex donated to this scholarship which provides support to young Iranian chemistry students who are unable to attend universities in Iran. USA
National Breast Cancer Institute The National Breast Cancer Foundation's mission is to save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in need. Phenomenex contributed to this charity. USA
National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) This charity's vision is to end child abuse by changing laws, providing adult education, and assistance to abused children and their families in the UK. UK
Pakistani Flood Relief Funds were donated to help with hunger relief in Pakistan after the disastrous floods in 2010. USA, UK, France, Netherlands, Italy, Australia
Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation Along with friends and family, Phenomenex employees annually run or walk 5K or 10K to support Pediatric Cancer Research. All donations were matched by the company. USA
Police Managers' Guild Trust Phenomenex provided support for this organization's Child Safety Program. This program provides funds to groups dealing with victims of crime as well as crime prevention programs. Australia/New Zealand
Rainbow Shelter As a supporter of Rainbow Shelter, Phenomenex helps to provide shelter and other assistance to victims of domestic violence. USA
Rebuilding Together,
Long Beach, CA
Phenomenex employees give back to the local community by volunteering with Rebuilding Together, Habitat for Humanity, and similar organizations in Europe, to rehabilitate homes for people that are unable physically or financially to manage repairs by themselves, particularly the elderly and those with disabilities. USA
Save Simon Phenomenex and its employees organized several extremely successful bone marrow drives in the UK, Germany and the USA (sponsored and supported by Phenomenex) to help save the life of a young UK colleague (Simon), who suffered from a rare form of leukemia. While Simon could not be saved, two other cancer sufferers were saved through the gallant efforts of employees and many others who volunteered to donate their blood and bone marrow. UK, Germany, USA
Save the Children Save the Children's main focus is to provide relief to the ongoing struggles children face every day — poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease, which also includes responding to natural disasters and civil conflict. Italy
Save Trevor The employees of InventX, a Phenomenex Company, organized a blood donation drive to try find a bone marrow match to save the life of a local toddler Trevor Kott. Nearly 200 donors showed up. The employees also organized raffles to raise funds to assist with Tevor's medical bills. Phenomenex provided all of the prizes and matched the funds raised. Sutter Creek, CA, USA
Shane's Inspiration Phenomenex is a long-time supporter of this Los Angeles-based organization, providing children with disabilities a place to play and learn from each other. USA
Shoe Donation Drive
for the Homeless
Over the course of two days in early October, Phenomenex USA rallied to donate over 142 pounds of tennis shoes to homeless people in need on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles. USA
Small School in Borneo, Indonesia Phenomenex Australia/New Zealand supports small and less privileged schools by raising funds and supplies. Australia/New Zealand
Sutter Creek Duck Race Employees of InventX, a Phenomenex company, are active participants of the Sutter Creek Duck Race. With a full day of activities, this organization raises funds for diverse non-profits around California. All donations by employees are matched by Phenomenex. USA
As a leader in the separation sciences, Phenomenex encourages the next generation to pursue science education and careers by holding tours and tours for local high school students, judging local science fairs, and going to science classes to teach and tutor. Additionally, while encouraged and supported by Phenomenex, many of the company's scientists throughout the world regularly volunteer to teach at primary, secondary, and trade schools. All Phenomenex Companies
The Children's Theatre Company Founded in New York City, and in 1989 in Los Angeles, the Children’s Theatre Company is a non-profit 501(C)(3) educational theater organization that publishes original musicals designed to complement an ethical and social studies curriculum for young audiences. Phenomenex has supported their program with generous donations on several occasions. USA
Wearing Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Phenomenex around the globe dressed in pink throughout October to stand up in solidarity for all those who are fighting breast cancer, for the survivors, and for those who have lost their lives to the disease. All Phenomenex Offices
Wired Kids--9/11 Angels
After the 9/11 disaster, Employees of Phenomenex elected to forgo their Christmas party, and Phenomenex doubled the funds that would've been allocated for the Christmas party and provided it to Wired Kids-9/11 Angels. Wired Kids--9/11 Angels provides support to the children who lost their parents during the 9/11 disaster. USA
WOW Green Tree Initiative
Interested in creating a greener India, the Phenomenex team worked closely with a local organization, Wealth out of Waste (WOW), to recycle such a significant amount of paper that 91 trees were saved. The team hopes that this type of action will inspire other companies in the country to do the same. India